Spring is in the air…or at least we think it is!

Spring is in the air

With all the crazy that the weather is bringing us, I think its finally safe to say that SPRING IS HERE! As spring rolls to summer and you seem to be fighting those spring time allergies, and colds, here is a short list of things you can do to help improve your Indoor Air Quality.

1. Change those filters. As a filter gets clogged up, not only does it put more strain on your system, it also becomes less effective when it comes to catching pollen, allergens, and hair.

2. Clean your filter grills, and supply grills of dust. Oh, clean your ceiling fan, the blinds, the tops of shelves... You get the picture.... clean anywhere dust can hide... - Look into having your ducts cleaned. You betcha, we can do that. If your curious give us a call.

3. Wash your sheets often! (I struggle with allergies, and during the spring I wash them at least once a week. Sometimes twice.... May be over kill... but hey, my nose is clear and I can breath!)

There is more to Spring cleaning than emptying the closets, and clearing the garage.