Tornado Season, Roofing Repairs and Risk of Disconnected Flue Pipes

April 19th tornado outbreak in Cole, Oklahoma

As if Oklahoma's tornado season wasn't stressful enough, there's a hidden danger from high winds, hail damage and roofing repairs that can be prevented: a disconnected flue pipe.

Every year, Oklahoma residents brace themselves for the possibility of tornadoes, high winds, hail, and heavy rain. The April 19 tornado outbreak was a prime example of this. While many homeowners prepare their homes for the worst, there are often unexpected damages that occur, such as roofing repairs due to hail, or flue pipes that become disconnected due to high winds or roofing repair mistakes.

If your roof needs repairing, we highly recommend you ask the roofing professional to ensure your flue pipe is well-connected in the attic.

Flue pipes are essential components of a home's HVAC system, allowing harmful gases to be safely vented outside. However, when flue pipes become disconnected, these gases can seep into the home, causing a serious health hazard.

There are several reasons why flue pipes may become disconnected during severe weather. High winds can cause them to shift or even blow away entirely, while roofing mistakes during repairs or installation can also lead to disconnection. If you suspect that your flue pipes have become disconnected, it's important to shut off your heating system and contact a professional for service.

Oklahoma's tornado season can be a stressful time for homeowners — keep an eye out for hail damage to your roof and be aware of the risks of disconnected flue pipes. With the right team on your side, you can keep your home safe and secure no matter what the weather brings.

We would like to thank all first responders for their prompt work during last night's tornado outbreak, and we hope everyone remains safe during this year's tornado season.

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