The Case for Heat Pumps!

Even though it’s cold outside, your Heat Pump can still pull heat out of that cold air! The average furnace has 3 heat strips in it, and each heat strip pulls 20 amps. Whereas we can keep your house warm with a heat pump while only pulling 20 amps!

Food for thought:

Absolute zero, meaning there is NO more heat in the air, is -459.67 degrees. So at 32 degrees, we still have 491.68 degrees of heat we can capture. Let’s go get you some!

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Maintenance Care Contracts

A vehicle that is not maintained is a vehicle destined to breakdown. The same is true of your comfort systems. Without the proper maintenance care, an air conditioner is destined to break down and cause more headaches than you want. However, we provide top-tier customer service and system maintenance.

  • Maintain Your Warranties
  • Keep Your Unit Working Longer
  • Improve Your Air Quality
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