The Value of a Summer Time Tune Up.

AC Spring Cleaning Time - Yarbrough & Sons Heat and Air

The clocks have sprung forward, the sun is still up later in the evenings, and here in Oklahoma it's that awkward time of year where you don't want to use your Heat, or A/C. However, with summer fast approaching we will all be switching our thermostats over to cool in no time! During this lull in the weather is the perfect time to have your A/C tuned up and squared away! Here's a quick list of four reasons you should have your A/C tuned up this spring time!

  1. Not changing your filter is like breathing with your teeth closed.
  2. Not having your condenser coil cleaned is like breathing with your teeth closed and your nose shut.
  3. Not oiling your oil-able motors is like not having those stiff achy joints checked out
  4. Finally, sometimes just like you, your AC just needs a good bath!

Maintenance Care Contracts

A vehicle that is not maintained is a vehicle destined to breakdown. The same is true of your comfort systems. Without the proper maintenance care, an air conditioner is destined to break down and cause more headaches than you want. However, we provide top-tier customer service and system maintenance.

  • Maintain Your Warranties
  • Keep Your Unit Working Longer
  • Improve Your Air Quality
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