Office Manager, multi-tasker, & Nephew Chaser.

Whitney is our Office Manager. She manages everything from our office communications to payroll to spoiling her nephew.  And she is great at all of those.  There's not many people that can balance working full-time in management within a company as well as pursue a college degree in business; However, it's being done. (she is on the horizon of finishing, woo :) )  

Whitney came to work for us just out of high school as a receptionist and began to figure out the internal workings of our heat and air shop fairly quickly.  She has developed into an incredible team member and really helps to make sure everything within the office is running efficiently.  There's not anyone who can shift gears and change directions any better than she can.

We asked Whitney why she enjoys working for Yarbrough's and she said "love the atmosphere, the people, Coworkers, and Boss... (Her words not mine :) )

Whitney's motivation and dedication and ability to multi-task made her fit to take on being our office manger.  She has done a stellar job. We are so proud of Whit and are so excited to see what the future holds for her.  As for this season of her life, we are lucky to have her.

Written By: Darren Yarbrough

Edited by: Kolby Yarbrough


Gardening, Family & Fishing

Karen is supported by her Husband, Son, and 4 grandkids.  We love having her in office and have enjoyed getting to know her. We are proud to have Karen a part of our Communications Team. 

Karen works in Billing & AR.  occasionally, she will also answer the phones when necessary.  She is an incredible multi tasker and is incredibly patient with co-workers and clients.  Work at the office goes a lot smoother with her around. 

Karen believes that our company strengths are quality workmanship and great co-workers! We coudn't agree more

We also asked Karen what her favorite part of her job was and she stated "co-workers & my boss."  ("She said it first, I couldn't make this stuff up"-Darren :) ).  She believes that "God blessed [her] with this job" and we believe that God blessed us with her.  

Written by: Darren Yarbrough

Edited by: Kolby Yarbrough



Game of Thrones, Video Games, Bruce (the cat), Cavern Company Groupie.

Morgan joined our team in November of 2017 and we are glad we have her.  She is supported by her husband Kolby.  

Morgan's job specifics include:  Taking calls, dispatching technicians, filing, and occasionally brainstorming new marketing ideas.  Morgan makes talking to people on the phone look  easy.  She really cares about those who call us and wants to make sure they are taken care of.  

Morgan enjoys working for with her in-laws an loves getting to see her sweetie in action!  

Morgan is very good at what she does.  We are proud of her work and excited that we have the privilege to work with her. 

Written by: Tucker Yarbrough