We are a Family owned and operated Heat and Air team since 1988; Darren and Leisa Yarbrough set out to provide quality Air-Comfort & Air Conditioning service for the greater Oklahoma City Metro area.



HVAC Code of Conduct



We don't like when information is more grey than black and white.  We want to be transparent with our clients and provide them with an air conditioning company that they can trust and rely on.  

We strive to go above and beyond reproach in all that we do. We work hard to provide excellent air conditioning service and care to all of our clients; and believe that being exceptional is not an option but a character to strive for every day.



We believe in doing impressive HVAC work. We believe in what we do and are proud to provide people with best air conditioning service in the Oklahoma City Metro area. 

We love our job because we love serving the people of the Oklahoma City region.  We care about our clients comfort and air quality and want serve them in the best way we know how.  

Short and Sweet Air Conditioning Story

We are a family owned and operated  air conditioning company.  We work all over the Oklahoma City metro area.  Whether the job is commercial or residential, we are licensed to provide you with the best HVAC services available in OKC.  We care about providing people with an exceptional and professional experience when using our air conditioning services.  We are your best solution for finding the right HVAC, heating, and air conditioning contractor.

Air-Comfort Advisors

Our team of comfort advisors are here for you! led by Darren Yarbrough;  Brent, Joe, Danny, and Kolby work hard at making sure you get the equipment that best suits your home, your business, and your family's comfort needs.  We will help you design an air-comfort system that is best for you and your family or business.


Service Team

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Our service team cares about keeping you comfortable.  Led by Rob Bennet;  Stephen, Dal, and Keith provide professional service or maintenance for all brands of air-comfort equipment. Our service team can provide your home and business with the proper care to keep your home healthy and you comfortable. 

Install Team

Our team of Installers provide clean craftsmanship under the supervision of Mac Hall.  Our Install crew leaders;  Jeremy, Rusty, BJ, Joey, Josh, and Derek joined by Matt, Neil, Brandon, Dusty, Ryan, Phillip, Cody, and Jarod provide professional care and guidance during the installation process to ensure proper installment of air-comfort equipment.