Install Team

Our team of Installers provide clean craftsmanship under the supervision of Mac Hall. Our Install crew leaders; Jeremy, Rusty, BJ, Joey, Josh, and Derek joined by Matt, Neil, Brandon, Dusty, Ryan, Phillip, Cody, and Jarod provide professional care and guidance during the installation process to ensure proper installment of air-comfort equipment.

Small Beginnings, Big Work.

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Mack Hall

Family Man, Farm Man, Install Man. The Facilitator of Tasks. We are proud to be working alongside Mack.

Mack continued his education after Blanchard high school and attended Oklahoma State Tech University. He earned an associate degree in air-conditioning, heating, & refrigeration technology.

After working in northwestern Arkansas, Mack relocated to the family farm in Middleburg Oklahoma in the mid 1990's. If Mack is not at yarbrough's, he is with his wife and his daughter working on the family farm.

Mack has accumulated 25 years of experience in our industry. He has installed everything from small split systems for residential to 6,000,000 BTU units for commercial purposes.

He takes the skills he garnered over the years and willingly shares his know-how with the rest of the team. This helps Mack properly build each crew and choose the right crew for the right job.

Mack has been with us for 10 years and is a vital part of our daily operations. From organizing our 7-10 crews to ordering all of our supplies and materials for each job; Mack is the lead work-horse for the install team. He works hard to ensure that every install is a Yarbrough kind of Install: Thorough and professional. He and the rest of the Install Team really help the cogs at Yarbrough's run efficiently and smoothly.

Maintenance Memberships

A vehicle that is not maintained is a vehicle destined to breakdown. The same is true of your comfort systems. Without the proper maintenance care, an air conditioner is destined to break down and cause more headaches than you want. However, we provide top-tier customer service and system maintenance.

  • Maintain Your Warranties
  • Keep Your Unit Working Longer
  • Improve Your Air Quality
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Meet The Team

At Yarbrough & Sons, we make it a point to provide outstanding service at every touch point. Our team members are all trained and experienced to ensure that we provide you with the best service possible from beginning to end. From your Free Home Energy Assessment to billing questions, expect only the best from Yarbrough & Sons.

The Team