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Maintenance Membership: Residential or Commercial

A vehicle that is not maintained is a vehicle destined to break down. You wouldn't drive your car without changing the oil, filters, brakes, tires, etc. Just like your car engine, the engine of your air comfort system needs maintenance care. Without proper maintenance care, an air conditioner is destined to break down and cause more headaches than you want. However, we provide top-tier customer service and system maintenance. Below is more information about our Maintenance Care Service as well as a Maintenance Request Form.

Legacy Maintenance Memberships

The Lineage Membership   
• 2 Maintenance visits per year (one furnace and one AC maintenance)   
• 10% Repair Discount   
• 10% Indoor Air Quality Discount
• Same day service (if scheduled during regular business hours)   
• No service call fee for any repairs!   
• Never buy the same part twice   
     - Part fails once, you buy it. It fails again, it's on us!   
• $75 back toward purchase of new system (up to $750)   
• $420/System or $35/month and $380/each additional system

The Heritage Membership   
• 2 Maintenance visits per year (one furnace and one AC maintenance)   
• 10% Repair Discount  
• 10% Indoor Air Quality Discount 
• Priority Scheduling   
• No service call fee for any repairs!   
• $300/System or $25/month   
• $270/each additional system

The Family Membership   
• 2 Maintenance visits per year (one furnace and one AC maintenance)   
• 10% Repair Discount   
• 10% Indoor Air Quality Discount
• Priority Scheduling   
• $180/System or $15/month   
• $160/each additional system

Regular Maintenance Care Value

Maintaining Your Warranties: Regular maintenance care is crucial for keeping your warranties. Often times, when a unit is not regularly maintained the warranties will become void.

Keeping Your Unit Fit: Maintenance care plays a big role in keeping your unit healthy and can help prevent any future breakdowns. The biggest danger to air-conditioning systems is lack of air-flow. Changing your filters and keeping your outdoor unit clean is an essential part of maintaining a healthy system.

Air-Quality: All of the air you breathe in your home passes through your indoor unit; how good your air-quality is relies on good filtration. Regular maintenance care is essential to help you maintain a clean and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Technicians You Trust: Regular maintenance care helps you to build a relationship with our highly trained technicians. We want to serve you and your family well, and building trust between you and our service team is crucial to having a wonderful experience of having your system maintained.

High Priority Member: Regular maintenance care makes your air-comfort emergencies high priority for our service team. Extreme temperatures are no fun to deal with, especially when you have a highly inconvenient air comfort failure.

10% Discount: Regular maintenance care provides a 10% discount. So in the circumstance where you need an emergency repair, our service team is able to provide you with a discount on emergency repairs.

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  • “The repair technician beat me to my home and had already inspected the outdoor unit and had an initial assessment. He was friendly, professional and spoke highly of his company.”

    Janice J.
  • “The technician explained how to use the new equipment. A very pleasant young man and totally knows his business. I won’t use anyone else and I’ve recommended Yarbrough and Sons to my friends!”

    Terilee C.
  • “Our A/C went out in the hot part of the summer. He was an expert diagnostician, problem-solver, and even foresaw/repaired a future problem. Incredibly pleased and grateful! I have a new go-to team for our HVAC.”

    Ken P.
  • “They were able to get us done quickly with very short notice on our end. They were friendly and have very competitive prices.”

    Jaclyn M.
  • “Yarbrough has a great team of technicians! I have used them for several years and have never been disappointed! I also appreciate the office/ dispatching staff. They have always scheduled my service quickly and efficiently.”

    Ann F.