How Regular Maintenance Can Improve Your System

If there’s one thing we can do to help our customers, it’s offering regular maintenance to increase efficiency and the lifespan of their system.

Or in the case of the video above, identifying existing issues that can be fixed!

As a Home Comfort Advisor, Kolby knew something was up with this customer’s AC unit when it was making a rattling noise.

As it turns out, the unit’s fan blades have become loose on the condenser, allowing them to spin freely until they snapped and ended up at the bottom of the unit.

If your system ever makes an alarming noise like rattling, call Yarbrough and Sons immediately so we can identify the cause and fix it at a reasonable cost!

And as always, we highly recommend our customers join our Maintenance Membership for several perks including regular maintenance in the spring and fall, priority scheduling and zero dispatching fees, among many others.
If you’re interested in joining our Maintenance Membership, give us a call or fill out the form here!